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Industry Leader in Office Supplies & Stationery

Tick Industries has been the partner of choice for many of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates. Since 1978, we have continued to provide best-in-class solutions to a complex and ever-changing local market environment. We aim to provide our customers with the latest stationery products and the most affordable Paper and copying solutions. We are proud of how we operate in the business. Every day we touch the lives of thousands of customers, hundreds of companies, and innumerable partners.

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Tick Stationery

An all encompassing solution designed for the needs of office and School users


Trendy writing products that gel perfectly with your needs. Unleash your creativity with Warq.

Paper Right

Transforming Market Dynamics through Domestic Paper Conversion.

Atique Traders

Achieving Synergies via Strategic Partnerships with some of Pakistan's Largest Corporations.


Enriching Online Experiences for Small & Medium Enterprises and Retail Customers.
One Stop Solution to All your Office, School and Art Needs.


Office Supplies


Perfect for Office Documents

TICK is a professional office supply manufacturer, and office supply wholesaler in Pakistan.

We mainly supply office supplies such as a file holder, pencil sharpener, a paper punch, paper cutter, file box, etc.