It is a long-established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.



The adage, pen is mightier than a sword has never been truer than in the current age of individual expressionism. Handwritten accounts have shaped the world we live in from time immemorial and Warq was created to celebrate that journey, to actualize the potential every single child possess for greatness. Unleashing individual creativity is at the heart of what we aspire to do as a brand, with each leaf of paper perfectly sculpted and carefully placed to ensure that your voice may be heard, loud and clear.

Warq notebooks and writing pads are designed with the express desire to channel your voice and furnished with a premium writing grade paper that provides an ethereal writing experience. Vibrant, trendy covers with sturdy binding and impeccable printed paper make Warq a Brand of choice for writing lovers everywhere.

Warq Spiral


To become a partner of first choice for enterprises of any type, size or nature. Our long term vision is to redefine the way stakeholders are percieved in the corporate sector. Rather than being viewed as a potential competitor, we aim to become a strategic partner, providing much needed logistical and  operational support to our esteemed clientele.