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Our Partners

Paper One

One of the Market Leaders in Offset Paper niche, PaperOne has been distributed & marketed solely by Tick Industries in Pakistan for the past decade. 

A premium offering that allows smooth and Jam-Free printing experience, PaperOne remains the brand of choice for many of the country’s top corporate entities.

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Copy Paper

Targetting a wider section of the customer pool, Copy Paper aims to become the brand of choice for customers looking for a cost effective solution tio their printing requirements. Competing with similar brands in terms of their pricing structure, Copy Paper boasts a higher Whiteness and Opacity level that delights users and leads to a more effecient printing process.


Paper has the power to change the lives of millions. From the Holiest of Religious Texts to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ideals have never been communicated more powerfully and with a greater impact than with paper. It was with that spirit that we introduced Paper Right, a brand geared towards superior performance and a perfect tool helping you change the world.

Paper Right
Spiral Warq


Warq notebooks and writing pads are designed with the express desire to channel your voice and furnished with a premium writing grade paper that provides an ethereal writing experience. Vibrant, trendy covers with sturdy binding and impeccable printed paper make Warq a Brand of choice for writing lovers everywhere.


A new addition, Khatat aims to fulfil the needs of the everyday schoolgoer, an affordable option for the masses that are more interested in functionality that asthetics. 

With Khatat, users are able to record important information and reach their potential without losing sleep over school or office expenses.

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An all encompasing international stationery giant, Sunwood was launched in the local market by Tick Industries. From Staple pins to Industrial Grade Paper Shredders, Sunwood has a huge range of products for both office and School use..

A User-Centric product development focus has allowed the brand to deliver quality stationery items in addition to ergonomically superior designs that augment user experience.


Trendy and creative solution to everyday writing miostakes, Twingo correction tapes are a mainstay for school children tired of desecrating their notebooks with traditional fluid correction instruments.

Clean, effecient and user friendly, Twingo is set to disrupt the local stationery segment by presenting a novel alternative to correcting errors.

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