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Tick Stationery

Created to completely fulfill the needs of Office and School
goers, Tick Stationery is Pakistan’s repose to the ever-changing stationery
needs of the local market. With over 3 decades of experience introducing
quality offerings for a demanding audience, Tick has the pedigree and legacy to
sustain its vision of becoming the country’s leading stationery brand.

Files & Folders

Functional and aesthetically appealing, Tick Stationery includes a wide range of files and folders targeted towards the filling needs of most offices and school based individuals. With sturdy designs and a laser sharp focus on quality, Tick folders are the perfect accessory for any office filling cabinet. Forget about local card based binders and choose our PVC coated box files for long lasting document retention.

Tick Box File
Tick Staple Pins
Staple Pin

Perfect for Office use, Tick Staple Pins are the preferred choice for Large and small stapling jobs. With most standard sizes available, staple pins are not only one of the most successful items we have ever launched, they are also the prelude to introducing more stapling options. Distinctive from other options available in the market, the Stainless steel reinforced staple pins are manufactured and constantly tested to ensure that your documents remain safe and secure once stapled.

Writing Tools

Millions of users enjoy the very best in writing instruments that Tick has to offer. Our colorful, funky pencils are hugely popular in the kids segment while the platinum brands caters to the sophisticated individual seeking personal and professional growth.

Tick Writing Tool
Office Essentials
Office Essentials

From highlighters and printing papers to specialized numbering machines, Tick Stationery has a plethora of options for the average office consumer. The range of products available are all launched to ensure that Tick remains at the TOM (Top of Mind) when it comes to stationery options.

School Basics

Exciting and innovative, Tick Stationery has a School item niche that is geared towards learning in a Fun and playful manner. Seldom has school stationery been created with both the functional and emotional aspects for its usage so clearly front and center in the development process.

Tick Kinders